Wright On Sustainability

Passive House Planning & Permaculture Design

  • Oct 20

    There are three main reasons:

    If you take Peak Oil seriously and want to protect yourself from rising energy prices,

    If you want to live in a quiet and comfortable house without drafts, cold spots, pollen, dust, bugs,

    If you take climate change seriously and want to do your part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions,

    then you want to live in a Passive House.

  • Oct 20

    The Passive House Standard is the most rigorous building energy standard in

    the world. Consultants, projects or building components that have obtained the

    right to carry the logo have committed themselves to design excellence and the

    Passive House energy performance criteria.

    “Passive House” is a voluntary standard for building performance which sets a very high bar for energy efficiency. ¬†Passive Houses are designed to use 75-90% less energy than typical existing buildings, while maintaining comfortable conditions and indoor air quality. ¬†It’s also a strategy and set of techniques for achieving this performance, featuring super-insulation, super windows, super air-sealing, and thermal-bridge-free construction.